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North Sails - Buenos Aires-  Argentina Its refreshing to deal with a professional such as Federico Calabrese who over the years has given us valuable support. Federico has been called on to repair sails almost overnight, organize shipping to and from Ushuaia, build a new staysail in a week and many more amazing feats. Our new mainsail is a master piece of 'southern ocean ready' sail engineering. Apart from the wonderful service provided, Federico is also extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of sail technology and is himself a world championship sailor. The B.A. loft can reliably ship to anywhere in the world with very competitive prices for any type of sail.  




 Turtle-Pac Fuel Bladders    For operating in remote areas where total self sufficiency is required for extended periods, we can thoroughly recomend the use of Turtle-Pac's flexible fuel bladders. They have proven tough, reliable and easy to find room for. Being able to increase fuel capacity at the start of an expedition and later use the same storage space for trash etc is convenient to say the least. The bladders have multiple tie down points making them extremely versatile and able to be positioned almost anywhere.



interphase_logoSpirit of Sydney frequently explores in uncharted or poorly charted waters where extreme remoteness could spell disaster in the event of underwater collisions. Using the Interphase Colour Twin Scope forward looking Sonar, we can safely nose our way into waters where normally one would not dare to go. Rock pinnacles hiding amongst floating sea ice and bergy bits can be safely distinguished…. After all one can push some ice out of the way, but those rocks won’t budge!  As Antarctic Expedition Yacht operators we can thoroughly recommend the Interphase Colour Twinscope Sonar as an invaluable tool and major safety item for our activities in remote and poorly charted regions. Without a Colour Twinscope on board we would miss out on many opportunities to explore these wonderful places on our planet.

 webasto_marine_logo_4c_claim_neu                                                                                                                                                                                             Working in Antarctica there are times where all you want is instant blasting warmth. Our Webasto Air Top heater delivers exactly that. With the flick of a switch, a stream of hot dry air blasts out and warms and dries our fore cabin in a matter of mere minutes. We find the Webasto Air Top heater is fantastic for drying people and gear when they return to the yacht after a hard day's climbing or kayaking.