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 Check our photo gallery  for photos of the spectacular climbing grounds on the antarctic peninsula where excellent alpine conditions can be had at low altitudes.

Spirit of Sydney, Icebird and their crew are very keen to provide enthusiastic support of all mountaineering and ski-touring expeditions. Both Darrel and Grant are keen mountaineers themselves and understand implicitly the needs, motivations and objectives of fellow climbers and are always willing to do their utmost to make climbing trips successful.  Spirit may be chartered as a whole and the rates divided amongst participants. Special provisioning for mountain trips can be discussed and organized in Ushuaia. For the lay days that invariably occur on most climbing expeditions the sea kayaks can provide some welcome diversion.

Should your expedition require the services of an extremely experienced Mountain Guide please refer to the bio for Phil Wickens under "The Yacht and her Crew"

Upcoming Expeditions:

January 2012 - TRIP FULL Eagles Ski Club - serious ground breaking adventure- Ski Mountaineering Expedition with Phil Wickens to Marguerite Bay exploring new territory (Dec 28th to 1st Feb)  Another sure to be highly successful expedition with Phil !

December 2012 -  November 26 - December 18 - AVAILABLE - perfect time of year for skiing, climbing or diving. Organize your own group or contact us. We can provide a mountain guide.

January 2013 - Ski mountaineering with Jim Blyth - IFMGA guide and adventure ski specialist’ ....A return visit for Jim after his very successful 2011 trip and   Jim’s trip is a fully guided experience with himself, a second IFMGA guide and  a strong group of multi-national clients.  One space remaining...Get in Quick!

Past Mountaineering Expeditions:

Eagles Ski Club Antarctica Expedition Jan 2012

Watch this space - Coming Soon!

 Alpine Club Expedition December 2010

A seven-man expedition from the Alpine Club, organized by the experienced Antarctic traveller Phil Wickens, has picked off six first ascents on the Antarctic Peninsula, including what may have been the highest unclimbed peak on the northern mainland of the Peninsula.

Derek Buckle, Mike Fletcher, Stuart Gallagher, Richmond MacIntyre, Olly Metherell, Wickens and Dave Wynne-Jones, sailed with Spirit of Sydney to the southern sector of the Lemaire Channel, from where they hauled pulks inland for two days up the Hotine Glacier to establish a camp at 850m

From here they made the first ascent of Nygren (1,454m) and an unnamed peak that it erroneously referred to as Mt Shackleton on a new British Antarctic Survey map.

Shackleton has been climbed a number of times in recent years but 'False Shackleton remained virgin. The climbers have proposed the name Mt Faraday for this 1,476m peak, after the nearby, former British Antarctic Survey base.

Then, in a perfect weather window they made the first ascent of Mt Matin via the South West Ridge.

This peak, which was named by the French explorer Charcot after a newspaper, had been designated an altitude of 1,369m on existing maps. The team found it to be more than 1,000m higher at 2,415m, making it possible the highest summit on the northern Peninsula mainland (Parry and Francais to the north are higher but lie on islands).

Camp was then moved to the base of Mt Cloos, which forms the steep east side of the Lemaire Channel, and ascents made of both south and north summits. The latter, and higher, gave steep and objectively threatened climbing close to an active serac barrier.

The team then sailed to the south side of the Ferguson Channel at the entrance to Paradise Harbour, where they made the third ascent of Banck. Then it was on to Andvord Bay to make the first ascent of Inverleith (2,038m) via the broken north face. This was a well-known objective and another high virgin peak close to the coast.

At the time of writing Spirit of Sydney has returned across the Drake Passage though not yet landed in South America. However Phil Wickens was able to communicate the success of the expedition, one of the more productive Peninsula expeditions in recent years according to Antarctic guru Damien Gildea, by satellite phone.