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Icebird is 860nm from Port Stanley and ghosting along in fog and gentle northerly breezes with her rig set square to the wind, her wings outstretched like the albatrosses soaring over the wave tops.

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Just catching our breath for a few days in Port at Piriapolis, and  getting teh boat fueled and provisioned for the next leg to Port Stanley in the Falklands.

Icebird is now 580 miles from La Plata and Darrel and crew have handled the intense storm and big seas from the depression that swept across Paraguay and Uruguay taking windows out of high rise buildings in Montevideo and causing havoc and flash floods across Paraguay. Julie and Antoine are relieved that Spirit which is presently on the hard, stayed in her cradle through the worst of the hurricane force winds.

Spirit of Sydney, under the expert care of Julie and Antoine, is undergoing her bi-annual refit and bottom paint, while Icebird is  600nm from La Plata and battening down for a 45knot gale headed her way. After nearly 6 weeks at sea from Ft Lauderdale, Darrel, Bob and Doug are looking forward to even the smell of land.

Icebird is sailing nicely at 7-8 knots with only 10 knots of breeze. 1400nm to go to Piriapolis.