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In December 2009, Spirit of Sydney along with Pododrange sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula with 13 school children and polar guide Eric Phillips for an amazing adventure, sailing, ski-mountaineering and kayaking Antarctica. The students ranged in age from 16 to 18 yrs and were all graduates of Timbertops which stood them in good stead for the demands of exploring the frozen continent.

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In November Spirit of Sydney sailed to South Georgia with Cath and Darrel and 6 wonderful guests and had the trip of a lifetime with blue skies, snowy landscape, frenetic wildlife and excellent camaraderie. Some of the highlights of this expedition were Drygalski Fjord and ice-breaking in a kayak, a giant wandering albatross landing and walking to within a metre of stunned expeditioners, and snow-shoeing over the Shackleton Traverse from Stromness to Fortuna Bay. Checkout the new South Georgia Photo Gallery!

Follow the adventures of 6 humpback whales tagged from the Spirit of Sydney last March . read about their daily foraging patterns and annual migration up the Chilean Coast.